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Blood warmer and Infusion warmer

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BW 685 / BW 685 S

BIEGLER BW 685/BW 685 S is a high-performance, microprocessor-controlled device for warming infusions and transfusions to prevent intra- and postoperative hypothermia.

Temperature can be set freely in increments of 0.5° C from 37° C to 41° C.

The BW 685/BW 685 S encompasses a slim and ergonomic design. The integrated universal mounting clamp allows the device to be placed on an infusion stand as well as on a normed rail.

BW 685 S and TubeFlow

The warmer in the model BW 685 S is equipped with an integrated connector for the optionally available TubeFlow accessory.

TubeFlow is an actively heated, reusable silicone profile with control unit for temperature optimization between warmer and patient at low flow rates.
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At a glance

> Free setting of temperature from 37°C to 41°C in 0,5°C increments
> Easy to read display
> Optimized warming circuit
> Economic disposables
> Simultaneous warming of multiple transfusions/infusions
> Splash proof(IPX4)
> High- and low temperature alarm
> Permanent running self-tests
> External service interface for PC
> Mounting on a normed railing and an infusion stand
> Integrated handle

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For further information see the product brochure

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Product video BW 685/BW 685 S (2:38 min)
> Product video BW 685/BW 685 S  media

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