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Endostrabilisator for cell coating

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The endostrabilisator serves the purpose of coating cells on three-dimensional structures. This is carried out in a controlled and consistent manner over the entire length of an object.

Handling is simple, safe and fast - a basic requirement if contamination is to be avoided. The central drive unit can be placed in any standard incubator.

The central drive unit accepts filter-protected glass tubes of different dimensions. The glass tubes can be loaded with blood vessel grafts or other conduits, as well as with stents.

Endostrabilisator control unit

The control system housing remains external. This is connected to the central drive unit in the incubator by means of a standard cable passing through the rubber seal of the incubator door. The door can be closed normally and this will not lead to any loss of gas, temperature or moisture.

The number of rotations and rest periods as well as the rotation time can be freely selected.

When fully open, glass tubes up to a diameter of 40mm can be accommodated.

The endostrabilisator is suitable for operation in ambient temperatures of up to 40C and in 90% air moisture. The device is operated by means of a key-controlled menu and LC graphic display.


Endothelial cells on a PTFE blood vessel graft (vital staining)

For example, coating with cells from the following:

>  Blood vessel grafts for peripheral blood vessel reconstructions
>  Blood vessel grafts for coronary surgery
>  Stents
>  Conduits for the reconstruction of peripheral nerves
>  Replacement materials in fundamental research

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