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Application systems for fibrin sealant

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EasySpray pressure regulator controls and releases pressurized gas provided by a propellant gas source. The device requires a standard 9 Volt battery. The clamp on the backside of the EASYSPRAY device allows the device to be mounted onto an IV-pole or a bed-rail.

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Modified Duploject

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Tissucol Spray Set

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Fibrinotherm for BAXTER is a heating and stirring device facilitating reconstitution of freeze-dried TISSUCOL fibrin sealant. The reconstituted solutions are kept in the device at optimum physiological temperature until they are required.

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The Spray Set is a disposable kit consisting of a connecting tube with a sterile filter and head for spraying TISSUCOL fibrin sealant.

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DUPLOCATH disposables for applying TISSUCOL

Duplocath 180 (see above). For endoscopic applications.

Duplocath 35 M.I.C. for inserting through a 5-6 mm trocar for TISSUCOL application in less invasive surgery.

Duplocath 25 for sealing tissue in areas which are difficult to access.

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DUPLOJECT is a system for simultaneously applying TISSUCOL two-component fibrin sealant.

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