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Blood warmer and Infusion warmer

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protherm II

The protherm II is a multipurpose device for the warming of normal and massive transfusions or for liquids without risk of contamination. Independently controlled heating zones provide the guarantee for effective and gentle warming.

At a glance

> Heating liquids without risk of contamination
> Simple, fast and user-friendly operation
> Liquid heated gently with three independently controlled heat zones
> Permanently running self-tests and error display
> Easy to service with serial interface
> Ergonomic design make it easily transportable and mountable on all commercially available infusion stands
> Temperature can be set from 37°C to 41°C in 0.5°C increments
> Economical material
> High temperature alarm and low temperature information signal
> Fast availability

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For further information see the product brochure

> protherm_brochure_en.pdf

Product video protherm II (2:34 min)
> Product video protherm II  media

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