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Bringing Ideas to Life

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BIEGLER Medical Electronics gives you all the skills and services necessary to turn an interesting product idea into a sales-ready and CE-marked medical product.

As your development partner, we handle all the details, from the initial design stage right through to the sales-ready product. Put this turnkey service and our many years of experience together and we can bring your product to market quickly and cost-effectively.

BIEGLER Medical Electronics not only provides each of the following services from one source, but performs it in-house as well. In addition, we cover special skills, such as sterilization, in collaboration with our trusted long-term partners.

> Research and development
> Product approval
> Design and build
> Production in metal and plastics
> Electronics manufacture and device assembly
> Manufacturing and packing in the clean room
> Quality management
> Sales and marketing

Research and development

Working with the customer at the outset: research and development is one of the core competences of BIEGLER Medical Electronics. Highly qualified, experienced product developers work on the entire range of project tasks, from initial design right through to transfer to mass production.

BIEGLER Medical Electronics develops complex medical products. To do this, we make use of our many years of know-how, e.g. in the areas of metal, plastic, mechanics, pneumatics and electronics. In this regard, our strength lies in our ability to integrate different skills and technologies.

When it comes to product development, we attach great importance to the fact that we combine customers' medical expertise as early as possible with our own medical products creation expertise. We find that, once the initial stages of a project are completed in this way, the results are cost savings and the shortest possible time to market.

By the way, you will also find that we really put the "R" in research: Down the years, we have maintained great contacts with research and development departments at Austrian university hospitals and specialized research institutes.

Product approval

Not only do we meet all the technical requirements to bring a medical product to market, we also make sure that all the relevant regulatory requirements are met. Since 1994, BIEGLER Medical Electronics has implemented a quality assurance system and is certified to the EN ISO 13485:2003 standard. We handle the entire medical products approval process. In the past, we have successfully ensured that products have been approved as class 2B or CE-designated.

Design and construction

Our product design capability is specially configured for medical products. In this connection, we pay attention not just to aesthetics, but also to ergonomics, functionality, hygiene, and user- and servicing-friendliness. We meet the highest standards in all these respects; and this is illustrated by the fact that we have been awarded the Austrian State Prize for Good Design, as well as a whole series of other prizes.

Our construction department builds the bridge to actual production, turning high value design into production-ready manufacturing. We can work with all current data formats (e.g. dwg, STEP, IGES and dxf) and also have a visualization capability, e.g. using 3D Studio.

Production in metal and plastics

BIEGLER Medical Electronics performs all the necessary mechanical manufacturing steps in-house, from prototype manufacture (design model) right through to creation of an entire device series.

The wide range of products we have worked on means we have been able to develop a superb infrastructure:

CAD/CAM workstations, CNC milling machines (with up to four axes), remote-controlled milling machines, a CNC lathe complete with rod loader, a lathe especially developed for unusual threads, conventional lathes, a finisher, a grinding machine, welding devices and sheet metal working machines (e.g. hydraulic press, edger). Our device construction capability enables us to manufacture efficiently and in-house the machinery needed for production automation.

We also have the capability to perform plastics injection molding and to make our own molds. We have a controlled zone, where we process all current thermoplastics using machines with pressure capabilities of 25-200 to.

Electronic manufacturing and device assembly

One of our main strengths is the manufacture of SMDs and conventional prints: Components are procured, equipped using lasers, soldered, given an intermediate check and pre-adjusted. We also manufacture cables and can assemble devices. We attach massive importance to safety and other final checks.

We always make sure that our customers' service technicians and customer support staff are thoroughly trained in the use and maintenance of the devices we produce.

Manufacturing and packing in the clean room

Our 100,000 class clean room is used to manufacture and pack disposable plastic products. As system partners, we also offer sterilization of products using steam, EtO or gamma radiation; and we call on trusted partner contractors for this purpose.

Quality management

Our products are known for their safety and reliability. The standard we set for the quality of our products is the total satisfaction of our customers, whereby the main principle we work to is continual improvement in all respects. Whenever we implement improvements, we always regularly check their effectiveness.

The medical products market is subject to stringent regulatory requirements around the world. Since 1994, we have been implementing our quality management system and are certified according to the EN ISO 13485:2003 standard. We regard this practice as a guarantee of uniform high-quality for all our processes, from development right through to service.

We maintain constant, close contacts with our customers. This closeness to our market, enables us to make sure products are always cutting-edge.

Our work is governed by the principle that our products should serve the well-being and health of people everywhere.

Sales and marketing

We have more than just technical capabilities to offer. Our sales and marketing department supports our distributors in every way. For example, we can supply contacts among opinion makers, so that our products can benefit from a strong medical and scientific foundation. We also provide all the necessary means of communication.

Our closeness to the market is your guarantee of market-appropriate innovation.

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