The autopress is an automatic pressure infusor and can be used in combination with our blood and infusion warmers or as a stand-alone device wherever fluids need to be administered under constant pressure.

Technical details


  • Constant pressure
  • Precise pressure setting thanks to electronic regulator
  • Accommodates pressure cuffs 2 x 500, 2 x 1000 or 2 x 3000 cc
  • Fits on any rail or pole
  • Small and lightweight
  • Pressure limited to 300 mm Hg
  • Mains-operated
  • Pressure cuffs can be emptied quickly and easily
  • Significantly reduces the set-up time


  • Splash-proof
  • Overpressure shut-off
  • Continuous self-tests
  • Service interface for PC



Description Order number
BIEGLER Pressure Infusion Bag 500 ml JR2000500
BIEGLER Pressure Infusion Bag 1000 ml JR2001000
BIEGLER Pressure Infusion Bag 3000 ml JR2003000