Blood warmer and Infusion warmer BW 685/BW 685 S

The Biegler Blood warmer and Infusion warmer is a medical device for warming infusions and transfusions so as to prevent intra- and post-operative hypothermia. The BW 685/BW 685 S encompasses a slim and ergonomic design. The integrated universal mounting clamp allows the device to be placed on an infusion stand as well as on a normed rail.

Technical details


  • Easy-to-read temperature display
  • Temperature freely adjustable from 37 °C to 41 °C
  • Optimized warming circuit
  • Simultaneous warming of multiple transfusions/infusions
  • Economic consumables
  • Universal mounting clamp
  • Integrated handle


  • Splash-proof
  • High and low temperature alarm
  • Continuous self-tests
  • External service interface for PC

FDA approval



Temperature optimization for BW 685 S between warmer and patient at low flow rates.


Description Length Order number
Extension set 35000 350 cm FP1002001
Extension set 46000 460 cm FP4600003
Extension set 25000
with bubble trap (cannot be used with TubeFlow)
460 cm FP4600001

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