MH measuring station

The Malignant Hyperthermia measuring station is an instrument for diagnostic clarification of MH disposition using in-vitro contraction tests on muscle bundles. The project has been commissioned by the University Clinic for Anesthesia and General Intensive Care in Vienna.


The Endostrabilisator is used for the purpose of controlled and even distribution of cells on three-dimensional structures over the entire length of an object.
It is simple, safe and fast – a basic requirement if contamination is to be prevented. The drive unit can be placed in any standard incubator.
The drive unit accepts filter-protected glass tubes of different dimensions. The glass tubes can be loaded with vascular grafts or other conduits, for example, as well as with stents.

Sample manipulator

A sample manipulator has been developed for the University Hospital in Graz. Tissue samples from human organs can be selected via a microscope, taken with a sampling needle and conveyed to a target container. The sample can be identified via an assigned barcode.