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Biegler GmbH - Profile

We are an export-oriented company with 37 employees at our site in Mauerbach near Vienna. We develop and manufacture medical electronic equipment and plastic medical products for single use.

Founded 1973
Executive management Ingeborg Biegler
Mag.(FH) Werner Biegler
Location Allhangstrasse 18a
3001 Mauerbach
Quality management system ISO 13485

Tasks and objectives

Biegler GmbH develops, produces and distributes medical equipment and disposable products for the healthcare industries. Our objectives are to design innovative solutions in the medical field and to supply customers with products of a high technical standard and quality. We always focus on the benefit to the customer and the quality of our products. Customer satisfaction is the most important benchmark for our product quality.


Our corporate structure focuses on establishing customer proximity and flexibility. "We love what we do for people's benefit" - our work is driven by this motto.

We are:

  • Responsible
  • Quality-oriented
  • Team-driven
  • Flexible
  • Motivated